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Laminating Services in Abilene, TX

Big Country Laminating serving Abilene 28 years.

For laminating services in Abilene, TX, Pack & Mail / Big Country Laminating is your resource for fast, accurate service

Laminating offers protection and long-lasting durability to all of your important documents, it can protect posters, store displays and any other documents you want to protect from regular handling.

We can laminate as small as a business card up to 38" wide.

We offer 3 different thicknesses:

  • 3 Mil - Light weight. Minimal use protection and can be rolled or folded.
  • 5 Mil - Medium weight. Slightly thicker than 3 mil and can be rolled or folded.
  • 10 Mil - Heavy weight. Same thickness as your driver’s license. 10 Mil offers the most protection it is great for outdoor use.

All lamination can be written on with a dry erase or permanent marker. 


 We offer teachers discounts as well! 

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